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Empower Fraud Prevention with

No-Code Platform

Uncover Patterns, Create Models, and Streamline Fraud Detection Efforts with Ease

Watch how we leverage advanced analytics and intuitive design to load data, detect patterns, and create customized models for fraud prevention.

 Fraud Detection and Pattern Discovery



Why is it important ?

Pattern recognition is crucial for fraud detection, as inadequate measures can lead to growth restrictions from regulatory agencies like BaFin in Germany. For instance, N26 faced a three-year growth restriction until their solution addressed all necessary fraud detection, ultimately spending €100 million to resolve the issue. Read more about it here.



How can Arkanna help with real-time fraud detection?

Arkanna's no-code knowledge graph platform enhances real-time fraud detection by swiftly identifying complex patterns and relationships in data. Once the patterns are tested on our platform with anonymized data, they can be hard-coded into the infrastructure using Knowledge Graph API, ensuring seamless integration and robust fraud prevention.

Why Choose Us

Empower your team with our intuitive platform, simplify fraud detection, and proactively mitigate security risks effortlessly. Unveil both familiar and novel patterns in your data, enabling you to pinpoint trends, irregularities, and potential security breaches accurately.

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