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Arkanna Landscape 

To have a clear visualization of strategic data, we have a strong data scientists and analytics team. Our visualization software (Intuinet) provides technology and business landscapes. You can purchase any landscapes directly from our store or provide your specific request to us and visualize the results from our landscape viewer. 

To have a shortcut of the landscape section, please find it on the bottom left of the menu.

Affiliation/Exchange Platform

Send product data to resellers and partners in the format they need (API, Excel, web, etc..) or through your marketplace.


Private Distribution Channels

Managing a brand’s image on all distribution channels around the world can be a tedious task. This single platform will help you share data of all your markets reliably; by doing that, you will control your brands on a global and local scale. As your time is precious, we provide you a marketplace to automate the process of sharing product data across all of your sales and marketing channels. 


Arkanna Tokenization

Within various markets, our platform allows you to customize and publish content and tokenize them. With cross-country business, you can localize your offer for different countries, including rich content. Each content update can be organized and streamlined without effort by region, vertical, or audience. Each channel can have different permission rights; your team can then focus on the content specific to their focus area. 


Public Collaboration with Others

Once you create an offer and shared it with the platform, any member could include your offer in their package and help you sell. Any sales agent within the network will also get access and sell it for you. So a public offer could efficiently boost sales and build your brand awareness.


Cost-effective Implementation

You can share to all distribution channels through one centralized page. To accelerate your partnership-building process and enter markets quickly, you can select from the catalog which content to share with which channels effortlessly. 

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