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One Cloud Manufacturing 

A Global Hub in Manufacturing

The One Cloud Manufacturing is a platform that converts all manufacturing offerings into a service.  For example, Design as a service, Simulation as a service, 3D Printing as a service, Logistics as a service etc..

These thousands of services are then linked together with codified relationships giving them a place in the ecosystem, to be activated at the right time. The marketplace provide an online purchase  mechanism. 

We power the first integrated and unified platform for all manufacturing offering, based on the industry's specific ontology.

Register your offer

Distribute any offer from the hub

Grow together

How can you participate ?

You have an offer in manufacturing value chain ?

Register your offers as service, get find, distributed and purchased online.  

You understand the ecosystem of manufacturing ?

Get a role of president/ambassador and help us build the  One Cloud Manufacturing.

You have a strong network : Help distribute the offers of the plateform and get compensated for it. 

Your offers

Register your offers, get find, distributed and purchased online. 


Help us to  build the
One Cloud Manufacturing.


Find your suppliers and offers to distribute to your network.

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One Cloud Manufacturing
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Services related to Product Life Cycle (PLM)

             Value chain of manufacturing

  - Design as a service
  - Simulation as a service
  - Experimentation as a service
  - Manufacturing as a service
  - Maintenance as a service
  - Tool-Machines as a service

  - Digital twin as a service


One Cloud

Members of the One Cloud Manufacturing


President of the Chapter 


Dr. Esma Talhi


Eric Deleglise

 CEO Arkanna

Top Members:


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