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Open Chapter President Positions

An ideal Chapter President will be familiar with their country's VR and AR community and have a network of thought leaders in the area. 

Part President responsibilities include 2 - 4 hours each week to review membership requests, and invite qualified players from the country and eventually smoothen distribution.




Share the network's offers at the national level. 

Onbroad qualified members and solutions to the hub.

Become the one stop center of a market in your country. 

A Chapter in Each Country for a Global Hub in VR

We tend to gather companies with different profiles and provide a hub to let them be each other’s complementary. By exchanging offers from your partners or outward of your industry territory, you can easily enrich your business and others globally with multiple solutions and even cross-industry. 

You would undoubtedly generate high income and commissions in a fast, standard, and secured way. Join the system and become more connected to your market!

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Approach your future with more serenity

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Value Chain of the Chapters

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Members of the Chapter



President of the Chapter 

Top Members:


President of the Chapter

Apply as a president and be the representative of the chapter of your country. 


  • Review membership requests

  • Invite qualified players

  • Smoothen distribution


Apply as a member of your country's chapter.


  • Register your offers

  • Distribute any offer from the hub