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Nous avons 20 Millions de sociétés

Un algorithm pour trouver les bons partenaires en contact avec vos prospects. 

Groupes de sociétés avec un marché et intérêt commun




Your direct link to Investment Funds


A startup in the digital?

with aspirations for international growth? 

Arkanna can help you with :

 1. An introduction to active investment

     funds (Free inscription)

 2. A facilitation for your international growth

     by building your global network

     of partners. (Paid Offer, more   

     information at






Current Funds Available 


900K SGD (600K Euros) by a family office in Singapore to be invested in 3 startups.

Preferences of the fund 

  • Digital Startup (Having a SaaS software)

  • Being in a specific b2b industry (Legaltech, Fintech, Healthtech, Industry 4.0 ...)

  • Having an interesting innovation or growth rate

  • Being ready for international growth

  • Having a revenue higher than 100k Euros

  • Investment to be done by June 2020

  • A 5 years exit plan

I want to be introduced to investment funds :

Registration successful

Gives right to 30% discount to Arkanna's offers.

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Thursday 13th February 2020

from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm (C.E.T.)

Send your questions directly to

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