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In the fight against criminal networks such as terrorism or prostitution, Intuinet simplifies data analysis. For example, to track down terrorist networks, it visualizes links between individuals, financial transactions and movements. For organized prostitution, it cross-references surveillance data, telephone communications and financial records, facilitating the detection of network activities.


By consolidating this information, Intuinet offers a comprehensive view to help law enforcement agencies identify, track and effectively dismantle these criminal networks.


"ForceLink generates a list highlighting the individuals most likely to be key in an investigation, while the graphical visualization offers a visual justification of the results."


Today, user journeys through various websites are often complex and fragmented, making it difficult to optimize the overall user experience. Our software, PathOptimizer, analyzes user journeys across multiple websites, providing valuable insights to improve and streamline the user experience for optimal engagement and satisfaction.


"PathOptimizer has the ability to generate a list of key points, identifying crucial bottlenecks in the user journey, in order to effectively optimize the overall experience."



TechAnalyzer offers a precise list of the most influential companies in the current study, by intelligently cross-referencing patents, market data and publications, providing an in-depth understanding of the influence of companies in the technological landscape.

SafeGuard Analytics

Safe Guard revolutionizes threat analysis in security networks by offering an advanced solution. Particularly effective in detecting fraudulent connections in the banking sector, this solution uses cutting-edge techniques to quickly identify and neutralize fraudulent transactions. Confidently analyze your security network with SafeGuard Analytics for proactive threat detection and enhanced protection against fraudulent activity.

"It generates a list of high-risk activities, accompanied by a priority index."

DataLink Insight

Explore the power of our database analysis software, capable of scrutinizing complex registries such as Carbon Verra or proprietary databases. This revolutionary software offers exceptional visualization of data links, guaranteeing database integrity while providing a list of the most connected elements. Identify crucial, central elements to optimize site management and security, with an in-depth understanding of your database structure.


Harness the power of our InfluenceAnalyzer software to gain unparalleled insights into the dynamics of influence in politics, corporate networks and consumer spheres. This advanced tool meticulously analyzes and quantifies influence, revealing the key individuals and companies that exert the greatest impact. Whether in the political arena, corporate networks or consumer landscapes, InfluenceAnalyzer lets you discern and navigate the complex web of influence with precision and strategic insight.


"The software provides a list of the most influential individuals, accompanied by their respective degree of influence, offering a clear perspective on the landscape of influence."

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