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Large organizations today usually have a very large catalogue of solutions across industries and audience groups. 


Most of the solutions are a complex combination of technology bricks of different nature such as software, consulting, patents, etc. It is sometimes difficult and time consuming for the other department to absorb the marketing information and to find the right product for the right customer. 


It is important to organize and have a more efficient process to share to the other departments the different information about the products and let them have a clear visualization of all of this.

Our solution :

A system to let you efficiently share the product information with other departments and offer a clear insight of all your products in one visualization.


We provide a system to combine and organize them into solutions for specific audience groups. 


These well-combined solutions can then be shared through one visualization to other departments for quick targeting of the right offers to sell to the right audience, and help other departments efficiently reuse the information. 


IntuiNet, our private software, can easily present all the products with the option to match, such as patents. It builds a clear communication playbook that embeds your marketing information across all departments.

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