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Ark 001

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First of all, Ark001 certification is intended to create interoperability between certified companies in order to establish a standard for the distribution of offers to the market.

Secondly, the certification provides a guarantee of the quality of the players and offers by field of activity and value chain. They are classify by number, representing a specific domain of activity and value chain. 

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Criteria for certification

  • Have at least ten close relationship in the selected domain

  • Speak the technical language of the selected domain

  • Have a competitive product or distribution network

  • The integration of a certified portal

  • To not have a monopoly position

One certification per domain of activity

  • Ark 1001 : Lifescience, healtech, biotech, medtech

  • Ark 2001 : Cybersecurity

  • Ark 3001 : Intellectual Property, Innovation and technology transfer

  • Ark 4001 : XR, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

  • Ark 5001 : CCS(Carbon Capture and Sequestration), CCU(Carbon Capture and Utilisation)

  • Ark 6001 : Renewable Energy and related infrastructure

  • Ark 7001 : Logistic and Industry 4.0

  • Ark 8001 : Scale-Up

  • etc...

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Who will benefit the certification ? 

CEO, Chairman : Share with your peers, discover the best solution of your industry, transform your company to always stay relevant. 

Sales Director, Marketing Director : Prepare your go to market, package your product, get the help of the certified entity to distribute your product and communicate efficiently to your market and future clients. 

Benefits :

  • A distribution network at your fingertip, ready to promote 
    your offers and extend your distribution network
    with smart portals.

  • A newsletter generated by an AI, to receive
    regular new offers.

  • A chat system to build partnership.

  • Smart bundle to split cost of marketing activities

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Certified portal

Provide your offer as Perks to the community, via smart portal.

  1. A portal embed as an IFrame

  2. Your own portal, with API call

  3. NFT on the blockchain technology

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Is there a cost to the certification ?
The certification process and its yearly maintenance cost 100 Euros at the begining of each year. 

How can I verify if someone is certified ?
All certificiation entities will be listed in the Discord group, under the private channel related to the certification domain. It will be accessible to certified entity only. External entity can pay a fee to have a validity check. 

How to become certified ?
Register to the official discord certification DAO and follow the instructions. A member will walk you through :

How to be sure that I have all the criteria valide ?
During your onboarding in the discord group, you will be paired with an existing member who will guide you and verify everything with you.  

Do I have to setup a portal to my website ?
Yes it is part of the certification to have a distribution channel open, to be able to act as a distribution channel for the others certified offers. 

Can I select the offers to accept in my portal ?
Yes, only the offers that you choose will be displayed there, for your team to distribute. 

How can I promote my offers to the other certified entities ?
You can register your offers and promote it through a dedicated channel in the discord chat group. 


I don't have a lot of time to spend on this, will it be time consuming ?
No, you just have to spend some time initialy to be certified, then it required very little maintenance. We advice to use the system as part of your operation. The more it will blend in your operations, the more  effective it will be for you. Everything will be explain during onboarding. You will then spend some time during your product launch, or when you select a new product to your portal. 

How do I know the new product to distribute, will i be compsensated for it ?
You will receive business intelligence landscape of your industry on regular basis. If you decide to embed an offer to your portal, you will have a monthly compensation and commission on any susccessful distribution. 

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