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Technologies and services for the Healthtech sector

Intellectual Property
Medical Devices 
IOT / Logistic 4.0


Carbon Capture
Virtual Reality / AR
Industry 4.0
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Smart Data Fabric

A Smart Data Fabric allows you to aggregate your data with a semantic layer and visualise the data according to the desired intelligence models. The results can be visualised on a landscape for decision support and collocation or used by machine learning to automate tasks.

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Once the Smart Data Fabric has generated relevant recommendations, these decisions can be automated to impact enterprise software, for example to generate invoices directly to suppliers. 

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Innovative Medical Device

"Our researchers developed a medical tool to facilitate the use of eye drops. 
We were isolated in Southeast Asia. The Arkanna platform allows us to deploy in Europe, by finding the right partners and simplifying trust relationships."

Singaporean research center


"We are a large accounting and legal firm. We want to provide offerings for startups and scaleups.
This is a new market for us, and Arkanna has enabled us to access it by using the right partners already working with this target. 
In fact, a software publisher has integrated the Arkanna module, and our offers are displayed there, making them directly visible to more than 1,000 customers."


Large French consulting firm

Technology Transfer

"I represent a French technology transfer company, we used Arkanna's technology to promote a technological offer
related to a new generation of medical 3D printing. This allowed us to package the licensing offer and present it jointly with partners at
a Healthtech event."


French technology transfer company

Testimonial & use cases


Arkanna Academy

Training focused on business intelligence, data analysis and cross-referencing, market mapping and marketing of your offers assisted by data intelligence. 


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