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About The Masterclasses





Half Day Hackaton paired with a Data Analyst
(In partnership with ESADE Data Analyst school) 


Listed price : 4500 Euros per Package (Up to 2 Attendees per Package)
Including one year license of Profesionnal data analysis :

Intuinet (Customize to your solutions)

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Schedule Details

Week 1  
Data Literacy Fundamentals

Aim - The goal of this first session is to understand the data that surrounds us, the tools that generate them and to understand the cycle of data processing, of their generation, preparation, analysis, visualization and generation of intelligence. The data is often from different software, creating data silos. Bringing the data together in the same analysis across several sources can generate intelligence. This first session will highlight the different data sources: Specialized CRM software, ERP, Product catalog, social networks, marketing campaign, Emailing, User click etc. internal database, professional external database of companies, patents etc. You will also have a presentation of the different techniques and tools to manipulate the data. These masterclasses are intended for marketing experts, the tools presented will therefore be able to be handled without codes. We will replace the concept of manipulation of Python with Excel, and the technology of data matching and theory of graphs and ontology with Intuinet.

Outcome : You will have an understanding of the data manipulation cycle, you will be able to speak the language of data scientists, understand their tools and have access to tools providing the same results but without code. At the end of this session you will have a clear understanding of the sources available in your organisation.  

Week 2    
Data Preparation

Aim: After having collected the data from the various silos in your company, a first step is to prepare the data. Indeed the sources are rarely perfect and require a first handling. Thus, you will be able to work on different data sources related to marketing, and prepare the data in order to be able to link it between your different software, to have a single visualization of all your data in one place. Data scientists use APIs and this work is usually done in Python. This workshop will use the same functions but directly in Excel and in a data crossing tool, Intuinet. We will introduce in this workshop the unification of data in the same data lake, without code, directly from your excels, using the unification technology of Intuinet software. We will also introduce the automation of these manipulations. Once ready, you can then automate the unification of your data. Indeed, if your data sources remain similar, then the preparation process can be reused.


Outcome: You will have automated the unification of data from your different sources in a data lake. The data will then be ready to be viewed.

Week 3   
Data visualization

Aim: A lot of information separated in several excels is very difficult for our brain to grasp. By visually spatializing information our brain can understand the extent of intelligence being stored in it. This technique of representing information by geometric shapes, such as colored spheres allows an efficient understanding and exploration of information. For example we can visualize all the countries, the products which have been sold there. We can thus see which country has had the most success for which products.


Outcome: Understand how to represent information in visual form using graph and ontology techniques.

Week 4  
Marketing analytics

Aim: We will use the techniques learned above to generate intelligence in your marketing activities. Obtain a 360 visualization of your product catalogs enriched with your marketing actions and expenses. This allows you to have the full narrative on your product catalogs and associated marketing campaigns. You will be able to discover the impact of your acquisition levers according to your budgets, and the products having the most response from your targets and thus improve the market fit of your campaigns and products. We will be using the following tools for this session: Marketing campaign: Mailchimp ; Marketing campaign: linkedin, Instagram;  Product catalog: Arkanna; Insight: Google Analytic; CRM: Hubspot


Outcome: Obtain a 360 view of product catalogs enriched with marketing and feedback actions from prospects and customers.


Week 5   
Marketing Analytics applied to your tools and internal process

Aim: We will adapt the process of the previous step for the tools you use on a daily basis in your business: Product catalog, marketing campaign, analysis tools, CRM etc.


Outcome: Obtain a 360° visualization of your product catalogs enriched with your marketing actions and feedback from prospects and customers.

Week 6  
Market and competitive Intelligence 

Aim: Many professional database providers categorize and unifies the available data of the global economy. This activity is commonly called Business Intelligence. The most common data are for example: company databases, we will use during this workshop data from world leaders such as Factset, Clearbit and other suppliers. We will give you access to more than 200 million companies in more than 80 countries. These data are usually prepared incorporating some intelligence. For example Supply Chain, or companies finely categorized by field of activity. Another interesting source of information is the patent database, 120 million technologies to be discovered with the companies which created them, we will give you access to tools like Ipscreener, Ambercite. Another source is the website analysis and similar client base.  


Outcome: You will have made the competitive analysis of your market using professional business intelligence databases.

Week 7  
NFT for Marketing and NFT-Blockchain Analysis and discovery

Aim: A masterclass on data for marketing activities would not be complete without analyzing and having access to the blockchain, the web3.0 revolutionizing every area of ​​our industry. In this masterclass we will give you access to tools to create NFTs (None Fungeable Token) for your company, and analyze the activities generated on the blockchain by integrating the data into your analyzes. The particularity of the blockchain is to be transparent, being a very good ground for the analysis of related activities. As NFTs are also used more and more for marketing actions, you will discover their potential with use cases.


Outcome: Understand the use cases of NFTs for your marketing actions and analyze their activities.


Hackhatons are competitions in which each attendee will be paired with a group of student. The students will then try to answer your challenge during the time of the hackaton. You will choose your level of involvement, your role will be mostly reviewing the result and guiding the work of the student, to generate value for your organisation.

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Who should join the masterclasses ? 

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) : Share with your peers, discover the best tools and processes, get a overall view of all the activities of your organisation in one place for a better strategic decision. 

Product Owner (Operational Marketing) : Understand how to unify your data, to get all the information in one place, for a better market fit of your products. 

Additional Priviledge

  • Certification by Arkanna

  • One year license of Arkanna Intuinet  automated with your sources
    (Value of 4,000 Euros)

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WhatsApp Image 2021-12-16 at 18.09.58.jpeg

Eric Deléglise

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Hold a Master Degree in Computer Science from Chalmers University in Sweden, and University of Savoie in France. 

8 years experience in market intelligence and technology intelligence to suport the strategy of government, fortune 500 and innovative startups.  

Experience in more than 30 countries, promoting high-end solutions to support innovation and collaborative processes  for various industries.


Prof. Guy Melançon

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Got a Ph.D. in combinatorial Mathematics from Univ. du Québec à Montréal (Québec, Canada) in 1991. Started focusing on Information Visualization after a post-doc stay at Univ. Bordeaux (France). Definitely dived into it when working at CWI in Amsterdam.

Intensively following scientific advances in Information Visualization, focusing on Network Visualization and Mining (relational data). 

"I dream every citizen would be able to handle, mine and visualize open data to defend their cause."


Dr. Jason Vallet

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

A french data scientist, Dr. in data science, with the main areas :

  • Information visualisation

  • Visual Analytics

  • Network Analysis

Its PhD thesis was concluded in 2017 under supervision of Prof. Guy Melançon

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Is the price the same for Webex and face-to-face?
The price is 50% discounted for a Zoom only session

For the face-to-face option, where is the venue of the workshop?
Venue will be decided based on the final number of attendees and their office location to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Will it be similar training next year?
For now it is plan for this year only.

If the location is too far, how can we join the training?
If you are located at more than 150Km from the location and that there are more than two package within the area taken, we can think of opening a room and live streaming with assistant coach for your area.

Do I have to register at least 2 persons for the course?
One package give the access to one person or 2 people from the same company.

Can we have a group discount if we bring more than 2 people?
Yes it will be on case by case based on how many attendee you want to send.

What is the minimum and maximum number of people per class, do you have a maximum?
Yes we will limit between 6 and 22, and create few working groups during the sessions based on level and focus.


My main question and concern that I have is will someone without technical background, be able to use the content on the course in his day to day work ?
Yes, there will be methodology, tools and personalisation which will be ready for a marketing executive to reuse on daily basis.  

What sort of background knowledge/qualification/skill should an effective attendee have so that the  results and reports generated can be completely relied upon ?
Background can be any marketing related skills, project management. 


Can we utilise the tools after the training ?
You can use the tools and personalisation to your internal process for one year following the training. 

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