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Providing Everything You Need


One visualization

Stop losing time and information in your review meeting with too many dashboards.

Our software glue together information coming from different software, databases, public and private sources with no code... It then appears together on a unique visualization to facilitate your data review.

You can then visualize your activity from all your department at once. 

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Market landscape

Stop doing business blindly and get help understanding your market. 

These landscapes are  built from uploaded data from M&A databases, corporate databases, and crowdsourced public information from the web, social media. They are then linked in a unique visualization.

You can then find easily your strategic partners, build sales channels and go to market strategy.

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Technology landscape

Understand the market fit of your technology what is currently existing in your field. 

They are built using data uploads from different sources and from different silos. (Open source and professional databases such as for patent, scientific publication, etc.) Once the data are loaded, they are collected in a unique visualization.

You have then all the data for R&D roadmap, decision on investment, support as grant process and valuation of a technology. 

Tailor-made Landscape

If you are looking for specific data and visualization from a niche market or a niche topic, our data scientists and analytics who could create a personalized market or technological landscape with the intelligence based on your request. 

Describe the sector of your landscape and your specific request, you will get a detail-oriented and tailor-made landscape within 5 working days.

With a clear vision of the data landscape, It will accelerate your business decision-making and help you build strategic partnerships to easily expand your market.

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