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Most of your patents are embedded with numerous products and services and it is often hard to understand and communicate which product/services matches with which patent. 


Indeed, combining and matching IP with product catalogue can monetize all your patents to add value to the marketing products when your sales consultant presents it to your customers. 

Our solution :
A system to let you have a clear insight into all your patents and matching with your products and services, all in one visualization. 


We provide a system to combine and organize the patent with products into solutions for specific audience groups. 


These well-combined solutions can then be shared through our one visualization software, Intuinet, directly to other departments such as sales and marketing. 


IntuiNet, our private software, can easily present your patents with all your products portfolio into one visualization to understand your innovative offer. It builds a clear product introduction playbook that embeds your patent across all departments and is more understandable for them.

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