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Unify System by Arkanna

We unify and break silos!

Can you recognize your company in these different problematics? Then you've come to the right place. 

  • Trouble to well-combine the information of different departments to promote your innovative product or service as a team?  

  • Trouble digesting the complexity of all your company solutions (with a high mix of technology, services, training, software…)

It is often time and energy-consuming to communicate across departments and make sure each department abstracts the rightful information. 


With our graph intelligence IntuiNet, we could generate any data into one landscape to offer you a clear vision within or across departments and stakeholders. CRM is only one brick in this unify system, as often it is a combination of a multitude of data sources. 


Furthermore, a user-friendly system with a clear data vision to solve your communication problem, stop bothering to explain to other departments one by one, let the data and information speak for you.

Our solutions

Most of your patents are embedded with numerous products and services and it is often hard to understand and communicate which product/services matches with which patent. 


Indeed, combining and matching IP with product catalogue can monetize all your patents to add value to the marketing products when your sales consultant presents it to your customers.

Large organizations today usually have a very large catalogue of solutions across industries and audience groups. 


Most of the solutions are a complex combination of technology bricks of different nature such as software, consulting, patents, etc. It is sometimes difficult and time consuming for the other department to absorb the marketing information and to find the right product for the right customer. 


The solutions proposed by the marketing department are more and more numerous and complex. As discussed above, they are often composed of several technological bricks, such as software, services, consulting, training and physical products. These same technology bricks can be present in several solutions.  In order to know which solutions contain which bricks and to know the right solutions to present to the customer, it is important to have a visualization of the catalog, and find a link between solutions and technological bricks as well as of the targeted audience for each of them. 

Large organizations work with an ecosystem of partners. Sometimes it is startups that provide innovative solutions, sometimes it is value added resellers that can push some offers of the catalogue to the market. 


Partners might be interested in pushing some offers from your catalogue to their customers. However, most of the time all internal systems such as CRM do not give them the option to have access to company information. 

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